By Robert Meisner

At The Meisner Law Group, we hold a diverse range of political views, just like the clients we serve. While it may be tempting from a business perspective to remain neutral with regard to the upcoming elections and not run the risk of offending anyone, I feel it is incumbent upon me to let you know about who is looking out for your interests as owners in community associations and who is not. As the Detroit Free Press recently stated:

“This newspaper has a stout tradition of avoiding entrenched political allegiances in its endorsements, choosing instead to support the best choices in any given electoral contest, irrespective of party. Governors like William Milliken, John Engler and Rick Snyder have all won Free Press endorsements, despite their GOP conflicts with our more progressive ideas. Our legislative endorsements have been focused on which candidates would best represent the voters of a particular district – not solely whether those candidates were Democrats or Republicans.

But this year is, inarguably, quite different. Given the awful GOP leadership of the past two years and the profound warping of the Republican brand to accommodate, and even embrace, the maniacal beliefs of Donald Trump, we find it unimaginable to pursue a course in support of continued Republican control.

In this election, the benefit of the doubt, in the small number of congressional and legislative districts where both major party candidates have a fighting chance to win in November, should go to the Democrats, whose election would precipitate urgently needed change.”

Read the full article of Free Press endorsements here, where you will find that Democrat Mike Stack is endorsed over incumbent Republican Klint Kesto in the 39th District race for the Michigan House of Representatives (Wixom, Commerce Township and a portion of West Bloomfield Township). This race should be of particular interest to members of community associations, as Kesto has refused to allow advancement of legislation favorable to community associations and has voted in favor of detrimental amendments to the Nonprofit Corporation Act, as well as detrimental amendments to the Michigan Condominium Act. Mike Stack will listen to the needs of condo association members, as he has personally attested in my discussions with him. The state House races are extremely important to you as condo/co-op/homeowner association members and co-owners. Please contact me at if you have any questions or comments!