In an effort to keep my human friends up to date on recent cases, I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that a plaintiff cannot sue dog owners for negligence even after their dog jumped on her causing her to fall backwards, based upon a recent case out of the Michigan Court of Appeals. In that case, the plaintiff claimed that the dog ran towards her and jumped on its hind legs with its paws landing on her shoulders. She claimed that this caused her to fall backwards, but her husband caught her before she hit the ground. The plaintiff sued the dog owners under negligence and strict liability, claiming the event aggravated a preexisting back injury and she suffered scratches and emotional distress. The Michigan Court of Appeals said that the dog owners did not breach any duty owed to the plaintiff. They said that there was no evidence that the dog had a history of aggressive behavior; in fact, the plaintiff testified in her deposition that the dog never barked, growled, snipped, bit or otherwise displayed any vicious behavior. What the dog did, the Court said, was “normal dog behavior.” Now I am really appreciative of the fact that the Court has now recognized at least what they consider to be normal dog behavior. They also said that no reasonable juror could conclude that the dog owners were negligent when their dog was let out of the front door, proceeded to the sidewalk right in front of the house, and then merely jumped up to plaintiff’s shoulders knocking her backwards, but not all the way to the ground. A good decision for dog owners and dogs.