No developer fears any other law firm more when it comes to pursuing developers/builders for construction defect litigation in Michigan. For over 45 years, we have been the preeminent attorneys dealing with construction defects in community associations and have successfully pursued claims against major national developers as well as local developers. That is why so many developers seek our aid to allow us to be on their side in drafting community association documents and otherwise protecting them from potential liability. On the other hand, we still rank at the top in successfully pursuing developers/builders who have done their purchasers wrong and have caused community associations to have to seek legal redress.

We also assist associations with conversion of undeveloped land to common elements when it is abandoned by the developer.

Are you having problems with Toll Brothers, Pinnacle Homes and/or their frequently chosen management companies? Call us at 248.644.4433 and inquire about our track record in dealing with them.

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