Our firm normally recommends that every Association seriously consider the retention of a professional management company. While there are different types of services that can be provided by a professional management company, the scope and magnitude of these services is something for the Board to seriously consider. So is the management contract which should be reviewed by counsel for the Association (and not management companies recommended counsel) before it is signed. But how do you know who to pick? Who are the management companies that have the integrity you demand? Who are the management companies that have the back-up staff and technology to adequately service your Association’s needs? Who are the management companies who have good P.R. leaders, but don’t have the ability to follow-through? Who are the management companies that will take advantage of you, seize any vacuum of power on the Board and act like they are the boss as opposed to you? Who are the management companies that on their way out, will try to take as much money from you as possible for work that was not authorized or performed? And, finally, how do you find out about these management companies? Do you ask your attorney who may have been recommended by that management company or may have a 150 to 250 condominium associations that he or she represents that were referred to him by that management company and what if your law firm has agreed never to sue or pursue a claim against your management company? In short, these are legitimate questions that call for absolute answers, but how do you get them? Simply stated, you contact our firm.