In deciding whom to support in the upcoming elections this fall, you may wish to consider those state representatives on both sides of the aisle who voted against the 2015 amendments to the Nonprofit Corporation Act. Similarly, please consider opposing those representatives who voted for the amendments. (State senators will not be elected this year.)

As further discussed in a prior blog post, these amendments represent particularly egregious giveaways to special interests and put nonprofit community associations at a major disadvantage when trying to address wrongdoing by an unscrupulous director. And unless they can be amended further, we’re stuck with them, as they are now law.

Here are the lists of last names published by the legislature from the vote on the 2015 amendments. Find your current Representative here.

Please oppose, if up for re-election

Banks, Bolger, Brinks, Bumstead, Callton, Clemente, Cotter, Crawford, Daley, Darany, Denby, Dianda, Dillon, Durhal, Farrington, Forlini, Foster, Franz, Genetski, Glardon, Goike, Graves, Haines, Haugh, Haveman, Heise, Hooker, Jacobsen, Jenkins, Johnson, Kandrevas, Kesto, Knezek, Kosowski, Kowall, Kurtz, LaFontaine, Lane, Lauwers, LaVoy, Leonard, Lipton, Lori, Lund, Lyons, MacGregor, McBroom, McCann, McCready, Muxlow, Nathan, Nesbitt, O’Brien, Oakes, Outman, Pagel, Pettalia, Poleski, Potvin, Price, Pscholka, Rendon, Rogers, Rutledge, Schmidt, Shirkey, Singh, Somerville, Stallworth, Stamas, Talabi, VerHeulen, Victory, Walsh, Yonker, Zemke, Zorn

Please support, if up for re-election

Abed, Barnett, Brown, Brunner, Cavanagh, Cochran, Driskell, Faris, Geiss, Greimel, Hobbs, Hovey-Wright, Howrylak, Irwin, Kelly, Kivela, Lamonte, MacMaster, McMillin, Phelps, Roberts, Robinson, Santana, Schor, Segal, Slavens, Smiley, Stanley, Switalski, Tlaib, Townsend, Yanez