By Joyleih and Sophia, the Legal Beagles –

HB 5645 has been introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives, which would allow courtroom support dogs to accompany a witness during testimony. Sounds like a good idea to us – being a witness can be pretty stressful, so everyone could benefit from having a friend around to help them relax and concentrate.

Some Michigan courts already allow for courtroom support dogs, like Oakland County Circuit Court. But this bill would ensure that witnesses in all Michigan courts have the option of having a support dog accompany them. And did you know you already have the option of having a “support person” sit with you during testimony?

Hey, if this bill is signed into law, maybe we could go to a school approved by Assistance Dogs International and get started giving some comfort to witnesses? It’s required in order to qualify as a courtroom support dog under the bill. Of course, our legal beagle work keeps us pretty busy most days… Maybe we could do it pro-bone-oh?!

Sophia and Joyleih