Dear Mr. Meisner,

I recently read your book on Condo Living and found it to be excellent. As a former Florida condo owner and board member, I found your treatment of all aspects of condo life to be exactly as it is. Unfortunately, I never had the experience in a conversion condo and wish I had read your book prior to purchasing my current unit. The descriptions of conversion developers is so precise and exactly what we are experiencing. We are pre-transition (only about 30% sold) but have no board, no association, an association fee that is woefully inadequate, and now the developer is invoicing” us calling it a special assessment to pay the delinquent fees of our fellow owners. The developer took no legal action to collect monthly assessment from these people for more than a year and those of us who paid our monthly dues have to pay for those that didn’t. This feels like extortion and I’m sure this scenario will be repeated again next year. I am really sorry that I purchased this unit and I wish that the State of Michigan had some effective complaint mechanism for Developers that willfully violate the Condo Act. Again, thank you for such an excellent book.


Jill A. Hughes