789crownBy Robert M. Meisner, Esq.

During a recent trip to Naples, Florida, I happened to encounter a gentleman at a fitness club who informed me that he was one of the major developers in the Lake Orion community that constructed the developments around one of our firm’s association clients, which we have represented for over 40 years. I asked if he recognized the name “Bob Meisner”. He said, “Oh yes, you are the Condo King!” I thanked him and enjoyed a brief conversation.

Later, on my return flight to Detroit, I happened to sit next to an 87-year-old Franklin Village attorney who is still actively practicing law. He also knew my name and complimented me as a leader in condominium law.

I must admit, it feels great to be recognized in this way from time to time, as the adversarial nature of an attorney’s practice means that you are often dealing with people on a daily basis who would like to see you go jump in a (frozen) lake. Unlike Caesar, I will gratefully accept my crown – hey, you may even see me wearing one at the next industry event!