Senator David Robertson has introduced a new proposed amendment to the Condominium Act, which has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Local Government.

SB 914 would make the following changes:

  • For any documents or information mentioned in the Condominium Act or the condominium documents, the association may deliver those documents or information to an association member by electronic means if the member provides written authorization for same.
  • Bylaws may provide for board decisions to be made without a meeting, by a majority of the board of directors.
  • Bylaws may provide for committee decisions to be made without a meeting, by a majority of committee members.
  • Establishes a required uniform process by which record requests must be submitted by co-owners and responded to by the association, including the ability of the association to withhold privileged or confidential information.

The bill needs some work, because a majority of board members could possibly make a decision without even giving notice to the minority board members.

We are writing to the Senate Committee about our concerns, including proposed amendment language to address the issue, and we are hopeful that they will see the bill needs to be amended before passing it on to the full Senate for a vote.

Update 4/10/18

The Senate Committee met today to consider the bill, at which we provided testimony along with other stakeholders. We are encouraged that our proposed amendment to the bill will likely be incorporated when the committee meets again to consider it.