Mr. Meisner’s persistence in pursuing my claim led to a favorable settlement. Thanks to The Meisner Law Group for all the hard work.

Turhon Westbrooks


I am a practicing Attorney in Michigan and needed an attorney that handled condominium related legal issues. I sought out and retained The Meisner Law Group to represent us. We discussed the legal issues involved and were in agreement as to a course of action. Robert Meisner and Robert Siegel were the lead attorneys handling my case. My wife and I were very pleased with the efficient and attentive way in which we were kept informed of the proceedings. The case was eventually settled, and our demands were met. We would give The Meisner Law Group a 5 star rating for the outcome of the litigation and the professional manner in which it was handled.

Richard and Jacquelin Bone


I would like this time to thank you and the Meisner Law Team for all the years of our working relationship.

Your law firm and its expertise in real estate law, especially condominium law, has been extremely informative, helpful, and provided me the knowledge to better assist the land development community with the recording process of plats, condominiums, land surveys, and other related recordable documents. I know that retirement is a positive end game and hopefully a new stress-free chapter in life. But, there are things and people from a career that will be missed. Working with you and the Meisner Team among the people on the top of said list.

Ron Crank, Oakland County Plat and Boundary Specialist (ret.)


Thank you so much for providing Kay today at our owners meeting.  She made an excellent presentation and answered all their questions.  She was exactly what was needed.

Virginia Halley, President

Botsford Commons Condominium Association



Thank you so much for you participation in today’s meeting. Your knowledge and experience added more depth to the conversations and discussions. I appreciate your time in attending.

Thanks so much!

Linda Roose
TH Management Consultants, LLC


This is to formally thank you for your help and excellent presentation at our co owner meeting. You made everyone feel comfortable and gave them confidence that updating our docs is the right thing to do. And of course you represented the Meisner Group in exemplary fashion. We’re on our way.

Thanks again.

Jim Townsend, President
Birmingham Town Square Condominium Association


Dear Mr. Meisner,

Congratulations on being named Lawyer’s Weekly 2014 Leaders in the Law. The award is well deserved and you should be proud of all your accomplishments. Keep up the great work.

Julie A. Nicholson, Chief Judge, 52/3 District Court


Letter (excerpt) sent from a debtor of our client to our Legal Assistant, Teresa Duddles, 2013:

“Thank you for handling the situation in a courteous fashion. I was not in the best of moods when I called you (just in case you were distracted and didn’t notice). While I am still not happy about paying a few hundred dollars for a lost check, your professionalism, at least, makes it a little easier to bear. I am sure your job has, at times, created some unpleasantness, so the least I can do is let you know. I thank you for your time and patience.”

Mr. Meisner:

I had the opportunity to read your book “Condo Living”. It was awesome! I think this should be a mandatory read for all present and future board members. I really enjoyed it, that I have recommended it to the rest of the board. I checked it out from the library and enjoyed it so much, that I have gone to and purchased your book. This way I can highlight and make notes on important issues you addressed. I would like to know how I can obtain the “Condominium Operation” book. Did not see that on Amazon.

John Mihuc, Westwood Farms

Dear Bob,

On behalf of the College of Community Association Lawyers Board of Governors, I want to personally thank you for your time and energy over the past two years. I realize that taking time away from your practice and personal commitments is a sacrifice that not all members of CAI are willing to make. Your leadership and contributions have helped CCAL move to the next level and continue to provide our members with increased value and improved recognition.


Loura Sanchez, Esq.

Dean, College of Community Association Lawyers


Dear Mr. Meisner,

I recently read your book on Condo Living and found it to be excellent. As a former Florida condo owner and board member, I found your treatment of all aspects of condo life to be exactly as it is. Unfortunately, I never had the experience in a conversion condo and wish I had read your book prior to purchasing my current unit. The descriptions of conversion developers is so precise and exactly what we are experiencing. We are pre-transition (only about 30% sold) but have no board, no association, an association fee that is woefully inadequate, and now the developer is invoicing” us calling it a special assessment to pay the delinquent fees of our fellow owners. The developer took no legal action to collect monthly assessment from these people for more than a year and those of us who paid our monthly dues have to pay for those that didn’t. This feels like extortion and I’m sure this scenario will be repeated again next year. I am really sorry that I purchased this unit and I wish that the State of Michigan had some effective complaint mechanism for Developers that willfully violate the Condo Act. Again, thank you for such an excellent book.


Jill A. Hughes