joyleihThe Meisner Law Group P.C. is pleased to announce that Joyleih has fulfilled her training program and is now a certified “Legal Beagle” with the firm. Her principal activities will be to assist in legal research and writing on topics of interest to pets.

SB 741 Prohibits Local Government from Regulating Dog Breeds

By Joyleih and Sophia, the Legal Beagles – New legislation was introduced in Michigan’s Senate in January, which simply reads as follows: “Sec. 1. (1) A local unit of government shall not enact or enforce an ordinance, policy, resolution, or rule that regulates a dog based upon breed or perceived breed. However, this act does…


SB 663 Tries to Address Abuse of Fair Housing Accommodations

In an attempt to address what many see as a significant problem with people skirting limits on pets in community associations through all-too-easily obtained letters from physicians stating that an animal is needed for service or emotional support, Representative MacGregor has recently introduced SB 663, which has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Local Government.…


View Our Recorded Webinar – Pets in the Community Association

On December 12, 2017, we hosted a webinar, “Pets in the Community Association.” It’s everything you need to know about creating and enforcing pet restrictions in your Michigan condominium or subdivision. Are your current restrictions actually enforceable if challenged, and what accommodations might you have to make to comply with fair housing laws? Follow this link…











Some of Joyleih’s Favorite Links:

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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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Mr. Meisner is a member of PETA, supports, and the Michigan Humane Society.