Making Sure HB 4219 Helps Community Associations

Recently, new state legislation was introduced that would significantly change property tax foreclosures. Right now, counties get to keep everything. So even if you owe just $1 and your house sells for thousands, it’s a big windfall for the county. However, if HB 4219 becomes law, it would ensure that owners of real estate are…


Dept. of Veterans Affairs Makes Site Condo Approval Easier

“Effective immediately, site condominiums in the state of Michigan will be processed in the same manner as a single family detached residence. VA will no longer review legal documentation for site condominiums. Lenders will be responsible for ensuring that any site condominium proposed as collateral for a VA-guaranteed loan meet requirements for the state of…


A Roadmap to Discovering and Resolving Common Element Construction Defects

The improving real estate market has resulted in decreased home inventories, which has created an increased demand for new construction condominiums. Many potential purchasers will look to buy new construction condominium units with the expectation that the general common elements will be free from construction defects.  This expectation often arises from two common myths.  First,…