By Robert M. Meisner

With many new Developers jumping into the condominium development craze, there may be a relapse to the abuses that took place in the late 70’s and early 80’s when certain national developers built large projects but cared little about the quality of the product and cared even less about properly funding the Association. As each of these new projects is turned over to the members, hopefully at the proper time, the newly-elected Board of Directors should conduct a physical audit with the benefit of experienced legal counsel who knows which questions to ask and how to assert claims against the proper parties.

We are uniquely capable of doing this, as we have done successfully for close to 45 years. We have developed a reputation among the developer community as a law firm with whom they must reckon seriously. Indeed, many developers over the years have chosen to retain our firm to represent them, both in terms of establishing a condominium project and, on occasion, representing them when they are pursued by condominium associations. We will, of course, only represent a developer if we feel that their position is legally sustainable, since most of our work is concerned with protecting the interests of condominium associations and their members.