A Roadmap to Discovering and Resolving Common Element Construction Defects

The improving real estate market has resulted in decreased home inventories, which has created an increased demand for new construction condominiums. Many potential purchasers will look to buy new construction condominium units with the expectation that the general common elements will be free from construction defects.  This expectation often arises from two common myths.  First,…


Community Associations: What Questions Should You Ask to Find the Truth About the Real Cost of Legal Services?

By Robert Meisner Frequently, we are asked about what questions a Condo Board should ask to find out the truth about the real cost of legal services, as some attorneys may try to brand some competitors as “expensive” in order to discourage condominium associations from hiring that firm. I thought it would be a good idea, therefore, to discuss…

Condo Hotel

Don’t take a vacation from the additional regulations that apply to Condominium Hotels

Michigan has been blessed with the Great Lakes which has resulted in numerous condominium projects being developed on or near the water that are intended for daily or weekly use by temporary occupants. These condominium projects are often referred to as “Condominium Hotels”, “Resort Condominiums”, “Condotels” or “Vacation Condominiums” despite the fact that the Michigan…


Saving the Manager from Liability

By Robert Meisner By giving property managers the power to oversee a community, they become potentially liable to persons who may be injured, or for property that may be damaged. Consequently, property managers are often named as defendants in premises liability and other lawsuits. Therefore, it is imperative that property managers understand their potential for…